Baumfrosch, Hyla leucophyllatared-bellied tree frog Surinam

The red-bellied tree frog (Hyla leucophyllata) of Surinam is indeed in a precarious position. Actually, the footing of this particular frog is quite secure, but the rainforests in which it lives are not. Surinam's forests are disappearing at a rate of about 100 acres a day, due to unsustainable commercial logging and clearing forests for farmland. Worldwide, we are losing about eighty acres of tropical forest every minute. Since frogs and other wildlife may exist only in one particular acre (or even one tree!) of a forest, the need for immediate conservation action is paramount. The Rainforest Alliance works on all fronts to meet the challenge. We are stopping irresponsible logging and pioneering environmentally friendly forest management. We are creating opportunities for wildlife-friendly farming that actually protects, rather than destroys the forest. This work, and all our research and conservation programs, will help the tree frogs and all other creatures whose lives depend on rainforests -- humans included.
www.rainforest-alliance.org/.../ kids/frog-pond/frog4.html

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